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Our environment is not as clean as it should be. Even if it was, nature tends to scrub the earths surface.

Acid rain, smog, dirt particles, UV, bird poop and tons of other contaminants are constantly pounding on your cars exterior. If you live in the north, you have to worry about the salt from snow removal… if you live in the south, sea air is some of the worst chemical compounds that you can allow to touch your vehicle. No matter where you are, there is always something.

The best, cheapest and only way to protect most of your exterior is to keep a coat of wax on your car. It doesn’t matter which wax: paste or liquid, cheap or expensive, natural or synthetic they are all much better than nothing.

The main differences between the above mentioned waxes are shine and longevity. Just make sure you understand how long your protection will last and re-up when it’s time. FYI – Natural waxes tend to shine better than synthetic, while synthetics tend to last must longer. If you keep your car garaged, you may not have to worry as much, but you’ll never be completely safe without wax.

Here are the top 3 things that deteriorate your wax protection:

– Automatic carwash

– Washing with wrong soap (i.e. dish detergent)

– Poor fitting car cover

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