The right sde has not been clayed yet

Only the left side has been clayed

This is the magic that was discovered by us 8 years ago and we’ll NEVER wax car without it. No matter how clean the car looks… it’s not clean until its clayed.

Clay is the process of removing embedded contaminates that even the most expensive car washes cannot rid of, all without using abrasive material.


Clay is soft just like the clay that you played with when you were a kid. Its a petroleum based product that works by hydroplaning (floating) over the surface you’re cleaning on a thin layer of clay lubricant. When the clay encounters surface contamination, it transfers it from the paint onto the clay bar. Detailing clay shears off any foreign material above the level surface of the paint including bird droppings, tar, paint overspray, tree sap, hard water, rush, bugs, acid rain marks and much more.

The results are not only beautiful to the eye, but very smooth to the touch.

If your car wash or detailer isn’t claying before waxing, you’d better come to K. Wallace Signature Detail 😉

K. Wallace Signature Detail LLC 

11 Sackman St. Brooklyn NY 11233

TEL: (347) 871-2633