Imagine this.

Scenario 1 – You wanted to or have to go shopping. You realize that the hottest mall in town (The Westchester) has everything you need. You decide to swing by. You enter from the Bloomingdale Ave side or drop your vehicle with the valet attendant and notice that this mall has an auto detailer. But then you think, how good can an auto detailer be who’s sitting in Parking Lot P1 Area B of the mall? Let me look up their reviews….  Hmmm. Wow. 5 stars, BBB accredited, yelp award winner… I struck gold!

Scenario 2 – You want to have your car detailed by a professional company but don’t know what to do with your time while your investment is being pampered. But wait, there’s a mall with stores like Nordstrom, PF Chang’s, Tesla, Louis Vuitton, Loft, MAC, Apple, J. Crew, Gucci, Microsoft, Ann Taylor and much much more. You can shop, eat and let the kids roam free in the awesome interactive play area. Its a win win win!

What more could you ask for?? Come on down. We validate parking!

K. Wallace Signature Detail LLC @ 125 Westchester Ave in Whte Plain on Parking Level P1 in Area B.