Am I wrong for thinking its weird that I have to try to sell the worlds best auto detailing? I mean, if you want your car detailed, and detailed right, go to K. Wallace Signature Detail. Not to the guy that’s going to buff your paint for $100. That’s not going to work. Even if you don’t come to us, expect no less than $400 for a real exterior auto buffing. A sensitive operation like buffing or like detailing fine leather, or wood grain, or hand stitching, or chrome rims shouldn’t be left to a hockey puck. Stop being cheap, because you’ll end up paying more. We very often hear how someone went to a puck and know needs to have it corrected. That’s now his price plus mine.

Do it right. Go get some dope auto detailing for your ride. Springs around the corner! There will be a line soon, so do it now!

K. Wallace Signature Detail LLC

125 Westchester Ave, White Plains NY 10601 – Parking Level P1 Area B

Or dial **dreamcar and speak to K. Wallace himself.