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We offer free parking at The Westchester when you have your car detailed with us. Thats right, free parking at The Westchester.

Work it. The Westchester (A Simon Property) is home to some of today’s most fashionable and well-known retailers and is anchored by Neiman Marcus, Crate & Barrel, and New York state’s first Nordstrom. If you need to visit a store like Apple, Burberry, Sephora or even Tesla, get your car detailed for free parking. Its a win-win because we are NYs highest rated and you dont have to pay for parking! WORK. IT.

When your parking is “validated,” that means the K. Wallace Signature Detail is paying for your parking space, so you don’t have to. What this really means is that your use of the space is marked as “valid” — it has been paid for, and you will have proof of that fact.

The purpose is to provide “free” parking for our customers in a parking structure that requires the general public to pay to park.

We like to offer our guests this courtesy to make their visit less stressful and because that extra $3-$9 is annoying.

Bear in mind that our garage is not owned by K. Wallace Signature Detail and they do not offer us any compensation. You, however need to prove that you were patronizing K. Wallace Signature Detail in order to get the free parking. Validation is usually provided by one of our detailers meeting you at the toll booth to wave the scannable pass at the gate.

We are happy to provide this perk because it offers more value to our service.

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125 Westchester Ave, White Plains NY 10601 (Parking Level P1, Area B)