Out of the factory, all vehicles come with a protective exterior coating called clear coat. This coat not only maintains the shine, but it also protects the painted surface from harsh outside elements like sun damage, acid rain, bird poop, weather and scratches. This magnificent protective layer is not impenetrable by any means. In fact, something as simple as tree sap baking in the sun on your hood can quickly eat through this coating. The BEST way to protect your clear coat is by keeping your car waxed to ensure a barrier exists between the clear coat and any outside contaminates. Any wax is fine, but some last much longer than others. We at K. Wallace Signature Detail use 100% Carnuba wax as our basic wax. This wax can last up to 3 months in a normal environment. We offer many other waxes and wax like products that have an even longer life span. This simple step will not only keep your ride looking good, but it will also help both maintain the value of your car and avoid costly maintenance. Get your wax on.

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