In short, you don’t. Its a skill that should be left to the professionals. There is plenty of room for irreversible error.

Buffing is a process of smoothing out the vehicles clear-coat. Much like a ice resurfacer (a.k.a. Zamboni) the buffer takes clear-coat from one area of your vehicle and uses it to fill in the scratches at other areas. In order to do that, the buffer must heat up the clear coat. Not enough heat wont make an impact, and too much will burn the paint. Also, if there isn’t enough clear-coat to spread, the buffer will damage the paint beyond repair at any temperature.

Our professional detailers know the exact speed, time over area and movement to create a mirror finish. No headache or worrying required!

So when you have swirl parks, scratches or a dull finish, call the professionals.

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