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Detail before you sell. Here’s why…

If your car is in impeccable condition, it sells faster and for more money than if it shows signs of neglect. Car dealers detail every pre-owned car on their lots because they know it increases car values and their return on investments. Private owners are also smart to take advantage of these profit gains.

Yes, you can expect to pay between $150 – $225 dollars for a professional detail job. This will include an exterior wash, buff and wax and carpets shampooed and vacuumed. Add another $75 to have the engine and headlights brought to new. But it’s all money well spent. Studies show that a detailed car will sell for an average of 21% more than a undetailed car.

Odors, stains and cosmetic wear may even deter potential buyers from committing. Additionally, selling a detailed car instills confidence in the seller. This investment leads to making money and saving time.

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Clean cars will always sell for more money and faster. Detailing may be costly, but you will be sure to get that money back and faster that not detailing.