The #1 response that we receive is “That’s expensive!”


We understand that money is not easy to come by these days. But that’s no reason to settle for subpar cleaning. In fact, cheaper usually leads to more expensive.

Here’s why…

No matter what you think, you always get what you pay for. When you go to a cheap car wash the only dirt that is removed is the dirt that you immediately see. If you look closer you’ll notice that they’ve only cleaned the surface. The surface barely makes up 25% of the actual dirt in and on your car. So all it takes it some of that hidden dirt to resurface or just add new dirt to the old and have MORE dirt.

With K. Wallace Signature Detail (11 Sackman St. Brooklyn NY. or we try our best to get 100% of the dirt removed. Thats not easy at all. Although our technicians have an average of 3 years detailing experience, and they use the most sophisticated tools and equipment available, they still take a minimum of 3 hours to clean even the cleanest car. That’s because they are on a dirt hunt. They go through all of the steps even if the car is already clean. We want to eradicate the dirt that you can and can’t see. That “invisible” dirt may have a smell or even spores.

So when you ask “how much”, you can rest assured that we work for every penny.

Any it’s all worth it. You are worth it. Your car is worth it. And we’d never rip you off!

K. Wallace Signature Detail LLC 

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