We Have a Passion to Shine!

K. Wallace Signature Detail Video from Vimeo.

K. Wallace Signature Detail has been providing fine auto detailing since 2008. We’ve detailed cars from Montauk Point, to Downtown Brooklyn, from minivans to Lamborghinis. With that experience, you could say we know a thing or two about auto detailing. Currently located conveniently in The Westchester Mall, we make it easy to have your car detailed while you shop… or shop while you have your car detailed. Our hours are Tues, Thurs-Sun 9am-7pm and we are willing to make exceptions.

Top shelf products, friendly staff, and professional service is our medley for success and is evident in our reviews and BBB accreditation. Family owned and operated means service over profit. Fully licensed. Fully insured.

Many logistical ways to get your car detailed.

Whether you live in the 5 boroughs or in Long Island, we have a way to detail your car.

Option 1: PUDO (Pick Up/Drop Off) Service


With this option there is a small charge for one of our respectful, responsible and clean licensed  drivers to retrieve your car from anywhere and bring it to our “House of Cars” for some TLC. While your car is in our care, you will receive text message updates on its location along with updates on the time we expect it back in your possession. Once the car is back with you, our professionals give it a complete wipe down as a final touch.

Option 2: WECOTOYO (We Come To You) Service


From the beginning of Spring to the end of Fall, we have the ability to bring our fully equipped mobile detailing shop to you, at your location of choice. We require nothing more than your car, and that is  because we have the entire shop, including water and electricity, with us. There is a small charge but a BIG convenience.

Option 3: COTUS (Come To Us) Service


This means that you drop your car off with us and get chauffeured back home or dropped off to any destination. We’ll chauffeur you to our garage as your car nears completion. Chauffeur charges apply.

Option 4: SWUS (Stay With Us) Service

Waiting room

Our personal favorite! We have a waiting area if you’re not interested in roaming the mall. From there you can watch our detailers at work. SWUS!

Option 5: CURT-CAR (Courtesy Car) Service *COMING SOON*


Want to leave your wheels and use ours instead? We keep ours shining, so use this as an opportunity for a sneak peek at what your car will look like. With a full tank of gas, use our car responsibly to do anything that needs doing. We’ll keep you informed with 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completion updates via text, along with updated expected completion times.

Why detailing is SO MUCH BETTER…


Book an appointment online! It’s easy!

Our services can be completely booked online. Simply choose an open day on our calendar and we’ll be ready. An appointment is required. Convenience is a top priority and for that we offer many ways to have your car detailed. Give us a call at (866) 891-DETAIL or (914) 340-4494 and we will find a time and price that works best for you.

Environmentally Friendly

K. Wallace Signature Detail uses high quality auto detailing cleaners, degreasers, dressings, polishes and sealants. We are ecologically conscious therefore all of our products are VOC compliant, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Our eco friendly waste water reclamation system helps properly disposal of rinse water, keeping us EPA compliant. We are a low cost detailer offering high quality results and exceptional customer service.

  • We clean between everything
  • We clean the roof from the inside
  • We clean the entire door jam
  • We remove your belongings to better clean
  • We UV protect your dashboard
  • We use a Q-Tip
  • We clean that thingy
  • We dont move on until its clean
  • We take pride in our work
  • We remove bacteria from deep inside your carpets
  • We remove what doesn’t belong
  • We take our time to do it right
  • We come to you
  • We try our BEST to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect
  • The list goes on and on and on and on….

We have a Passion to Shine!

We have a Passion to Shine!