Exterior Service

All About the Details

If it wasn’t about the details, we’d  just be another car wash. At K. Wallace Signature Detail we offer a variety of services intended to clean, protect, beautify and perfect any make and model of vehicle. Ask us how we can make your exterior look and feel as clean as the day you bought it, or how we can help your new car stay that way even longer.

From removing light scratches, to full paint correction, to a fresh coat of wax, one of our exterior services has you covered.


“From start to finish, K Wallace was the best at customer service. From speaking to me on the phone and finding out my needs to bringing in my car, they took care of detailing it to perfection!!!!! My Lexus SUV looks brand new, ‘off the lot’ new! Everyone was friendly and professional and I am extremely HAPPY with the results. Please bring your car in and they will make it unbelievably beautiful, you will not regret it!”
Maria W.

Yelp ★★★★★

“I cannot give the team here enough stars for their customer service and overall great job on my brother’s jeep. I scratched up a door panel and handle against a wall pulling out of a garage after misjudging a tight turn. I called, explained the situation, brought the car in. I could not believe how good it looked. Albert and his crew cleaned off the paint marks and fixed the scratches. Even took care of an older scratch on another panel. Extremely cost efficient, very quick and conveniently located in the mall, they are very good at what they do and also very nice. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.”
A M.

Yelp ★★★★★

“I dropped my black car for a full detail (paint correction + CQuartz coating) and I couldn’t be happier with the result. This is a job that only a few shops in NYC can do and it took me a while to find all of them. K Wallace Signature was the one that I felt most experienced and best price, so I went with it, the car is better than it was when new. The black has never been blacker and it’s bright. No more swirls, no more light scratches and a very good coating protecting the car and wheels. I highly recommend their service.”
André Soares

Google ★★★★★


All of our exterior detailing services include a 100% hand wash and chamois dry. Add or remove services to meet your budget, and car needs. Standard prices shown, actual costs depend on vehicle size and condition.

For Pick-up/Drop-off service, please call for pricing. Also ask the sales rep about how you can upgrate your service to add longer lasting protection.


    Call For Pricing


  • Deep Odor Removal = O3
  • Window Sticker Removal
  • Anti-Fog Application
  • Rain Repellent
  • Anti-Static Paint Protection (Against Pollen and Dust)
  • WIPE NEW® for renewed exterior trim
  • Deep Scratch Removal via wet-sanding procedure
  • Water Spot Removal from window and paint
  • Letter/Stripe/Sticker Removal
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Windshield Long Term Rain Repellent
  • Headlight Restoration
Call us for a quote at (914)340–4494 as pricing varies depending on vehicle size and condition. 

See our Terms & Conditions (‘THE DETAILS’).



Mini Interior: $125 $95

Total Interior: $249 $195


Simplicity: $245 $195

Supremium: $395 $345

Crystal: $445 $395

Blackout: $525 $445

Sparkling: $699 $645

White Glove: $995 $895

Sales Prep: $475 $395

New Car: $515 $435

Lease Return: $525 $445


Wash & Wax: $125 $95

Cherry Bomb: $195 $125

Diamond Shine: $275 $195

Blackout SService: $325 $275

Totally Buff: $525 $445

A little about Buffing and Compounding

Buffing is a process of smoothing out the vehicles clear-coat. Much like a ice resurfacer (a.k.a. Zamboni) the buffer takes clear-coat from one area of your vehicle and uses it to fill in the scratches at other areas. In order to do that, the buffer must heat up the clear coat. Not enough heat won’t make an impact, and too much will burn the paint. Also, if there isn’t enough clear-coat to spread, the buffer will damage the paint beyond repair at any temperature.

Our professional detailers know the exact speed, time over area and movement to create a mirror finish. No headache or worrying required!

So when you have swirl marks, scratches or a dull finish, call the professionals.