Interior Service

All About the Details

If it wasn’t about the details, we’d just be another car wash. At K. Wallace Signature Detail we offer a variety of services intended to clean, protect, beautify and perfect any type of vehicle. Ask us how we can make your interior look and smell fresher than the day you bought it, or how we can help your new car stay that way even longer.

From fresh carpets and mats to the glorious feel of a well polished shifter, there’s a reason we call it the Total Interior Service!



“I bought a used car that had a smoke smell in it. They have a O3 machine that took the smell right out. I Took the car back to auto shop and the mechanic said it looked like new. I will always go here for detailing from now on. I have already referred two people and I just left today. They are very professional.”
Ashley F.

Yelp ★★★★★

My car was a disaster zone. A sunroof leak caused inches of water to soak my carpet, leaving it dirty, smelly, and worst of all, moldy. They not only did a thorough job, but were very mindful about reducing the chances of any future mold re-contaminations. They steam cleaned it and disinfected it. I opted for the ozone treatment to help with the smell and the mold eradication.My car was returned looking and smelling great.
Scotts Valley Movers

Google ★★★★★

“These guys are incredible. Kyie runs a top-notch operation that puts extreme care into every aspect of the job. I sat in my car once they were finished and was shocked at how brand new everything looked. I am still marveling at the interior. They literally missed nothing. I would trust any vehicle with these guys – they’re fast, efficient, professional and thorough.”
Gene B.

Yelp ★★★★★


Our interior detailing packages are designed to recreate that new car appearance. Mini Interior is for cars that are not so dirty. You’ll know when you need the Total Interior.

Standard prices shown, actual costs depend on vehicle condition and will be evaluated upon arrival. For Pick-up/Drop-off service call for pricing.

Our cleaning process includes a steamer and extractor to penetrate all layers of the fabrics. The combined heat of 210° with the horse power of a professional grade vacuum will eliminate dirt, bacteria and odor. Call us for a quote at (914)340–4494 as pricing varies depending on vehicle size and condition.

See our Terms & Conditions (‘THE DETAILS’).

Our Secret to Clean Interiors

How do we get those interiors so clean? I’d like to say its simple… but its not.

There are 3 weapons we use in the fight against stains. Its important to use a perfectly balanced combination to achieve the goal, but not to damage the delicate material being cleaned. The idea is to apply the smallest amount of medicine to achieve the greatest treatment.

1- The Chemical of Choice: We use anything ranging from soap-water to industrial strength acids. We have to make sure the chemical reacts well with the material. Its very easy to fade colors or even burn holes and end up with very unhappy customers. For that reason we are trained on how to use the strongest but safest chemical for the current situation.

2- The Tool of Choice: A gentle microfiber towel is used for light stains on gentle materials. Step it up a few notches to a strong bristled brush used to destroy deep set stains. Use the wrong combo and you’ll damage the material beyond repair. For that reason we are trained on our brush options and their normal uses.

3- Elbow Grease: This refers to the amount of scrub you put into the job at hand. Are you applying the chemical and using the brush to gently touch the area? Or are sweating as you bust your hump to get that stain out? I’ll tell you that you don’t want to scrub delicate material too hard. This is the final weapon, are we don’t want to scrub too hard if we don’t have too. Its easier for the cleaner to watch the stain disappear than to make it disappear!


As you can see, you can mix and match these variables to achieve the perfect solution for your problem. If you go to the wrong detailer, you may have a rude awakening. Let K. Wallace Signature Detail put their skills to the test.



Mini Interior: $125 $95

Total Interior: $249 $195


Simplicity: $245 $195

Supremium: $395 $345

Crystal: $445 $395

Blackout: $525 $445

Sparkling: $699 $645

White Glove: $995 $895

Sales Prep: $475 $395

New Car: $515 $435

Lease Return: $525 $445


Wash & Wax: $125 $95

Cherry Bomb: $195 $125

Diamond Shine: $275 $195

Blackout SService: $325 $275

Totally Buff: $525 $445