Packages. Complete Interior and Exterior Coverage.

If it wasn’t about the details, we’d  just be another car wash. At K. Wallace Signature Detail we offer a variety of services intended to clean, protect, beautify and perfect any make and model of vehicle. Ask us how we can make your interior and exterior look, feel and smell like new again or how we can help your new car stay new

From water damage, to sun damage, to damage done by the kids, our full auto detailing packages are the best in town. 



Amazing service!!! I purchased a used car and desperately wanted to restore the exterior shine and make the interior fresh by getting it detailed. Not only did they exceed my expectations (I could literally sit in my car all day and enjoy this scent! lol), but the customer service was also top notch. I highly recommend them. You won’t be sorry!”
Victoria N.

Yelp ★★★★★

“Shout out to the team over at K. Wallace Signature Detail!!! Thank you guys for doing a fantastic job and keeping my big baby shining! When I first visited, my truck had overspray from a poor body shop job but the guys remedied that with no problem. Both their exterior and interior work left me impressed. They’re very meticulous in their attention to detail and they will treat your vehicle as if it’s their own. I have zero complaints, I’m a repeat customer and I will continue to utilize their services as well as recommend them to my family and friends! Thanks guys! Cheers!!!”
Gene B.

Yelp ★★★★★

“K. Wallace Signature Detail is by far the absolute best care your car/truck can get! I take both of my cars to K. Wallace S.D. and I get nothing but compliments. I only go to this detailing center. The staff is amazing and thorough. The owner is one of the nicest people you could meet. The center is clean and welcoming. The prices are a steal when compared to all of the great services included in the packages. Once you go to K. Wallace Signature Detail, you will never go anywhere else! I am a very satisfied and loyal client.”
Chance Taylor

Google ★★★★★


All of our detailing packages include a 100% hand wash, 100% hand wax, interior vacuuming, windows and tire shine. Add or remove services to meet your budget, and car needs. Standard prices shown, actual costs depend on vehicle size and condition.

For Pick-up/Drop-off service call for pricing. Also ask therepresentative how to upgrade your service for longer lasting protection inside and out.


    Call For Pricing

  • Deep Odor Removal = O3
  • Window Sticker Removal
  • Anti-Fog Application
  • Rain Repellent
  • Anti-Static Paint Protection (Against Pollen and Dust)
  • WIPE NEW® for renewed exterior trim
  • Deep Scratch Removal via wet-sanding procedure
  • Water Spot Removal from window and paint
  • Letter/Stripe/Sticker Removal
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Windshield Long Term Rain Repellent
  • Headlight Restoration




Mini Interior: $125 $95

Total Interior: $249 $195


Simplicity: $245 $195

Supremium: $395 $345

Crystal: $445 $395

Blackout: $525 $445

Sparkling: $699 $645

White Glove: $995 $895

Sales Prep: $475 $395

New Car: $515 $435

Lease Return: $525 $445


Wash & Wax: $125 $95

Cherry Bomb: $195 $125

Diamond Shine: $275 $195

Blackout SService: $325 $275

Totally Buff: $525 $445

Call us for a quote at  (914)340–4494 as pricing varies depending on vehicle size and condition.

See our Terms & Conditions (‘THE DETAILS’).

A little about Buffing and Compounding

Buffing is a process of smoothing out the vehicles clear-coat. Much like a ice resurfacer (a.k.a. Zamboni) the buffer takes clear-coat from one area of your vehicle and uses it to fill in the scratches at other areas. In order to do that, the buffer must heat up the clear coat. Not enough heat won’t make an impact, and too much will burn the paint. Also, if there isn’t enough clear-coat to spread, the buffer will damage the paint beyond repair at any temperature.

Our professional detailers know the exact speed, time over area and movement to create a mirror finish. No headache or worrying required!

So when you have swirl marks, scratches or a dull finish, call the professionals.